DirectX 11.2 – Download Offline Installer 2017 [Latest]

DirectX 11.2 – Download Offline Installer 2017 [Latest]

DirectX 11.2 is the latest version of the multimedia runtime environment DirectX and is only suitable for Windows 8. DirectX is the default runtime environment for multimedia applications such as computer games. As a user, you need to be able to use DirectX runtime environments that are developed for DirectX developed computer games and other multimedia applications, which are available here for download. This is the directx latest version for your machine. DirectX windows 10 is currently under developing.

DirectX 11.2 for Windows 8

DirectX 11.2 is already included in the scope of delivery is only for the Windows 8 update Windows 8.1 and is also suitable for Windows 8 only. Users of previous versions of Windows must access DirectX 11 or DirectX 9.29 .

Extensive improvements in this version

Compared to the previous versions, Microsoft introduced a number of improvements in DirectX 11.2 , which in particular increase the performance. There is the “Tiled Resources” feature, which loads textures in computer games only when they are in the virtual face field of the player.

DirectX 11.2

DirectX 11.2 also includes a low latency API that shortens the time between selecting and rendering a rendered image, which is especially interesting for touch applications. Improvements were also made with simultaneous reproduction of 2D and 3D graphics. The “GPU Multi-Plane Overlays” feature allows 2D and 3D graphics to be rendered in different resolutions, which means that 2D graphics can be displayed high-resolution even if the resolution is reduced when the 3D graphics are simultaneously displayed.

A further improvement with DirectX 11.2 is the HLSL Shader Linking function. With this, programmers have the possibility to integrate pre-compiled HLSL functions from libraries into the runtime of the program, which also contributes to an increase in performance.

Note: Currently, DirectX 11.2 is not available as a separate download, but only as part of the Windows 8 Update Windows 8.1, which is why the download link points to it.

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