Windows Firewall Control + Keygen !

 Windows Firewall Control + Keygen !

Windows Firewall Control is a tool that provides quick access to Windows Firewall settings and extends functionality by managing the network rules for each application. It is mainly aimed at experienced users such as network administrators.

Windows 10 Firewall Control:

After initialization, the app creates an icon in the system pane, allowing you to select the security profile that does not depend on any filtering (turns off the Windows firewall) to the high filter mode (blocks all incoming and outgoing connections). It is for both Windows 10 Firewall Control and Windows 7 Firewall Control.

Windows Firewall Control Key

Windows Firewall Control Keygen Features:

  • Thorough administration of application connections:

When it comes to rules management, you can allow or deny access to, or delete, delete, delete from the list of this program, or can create a duplicate. The list shows names, groups, programs, locations, status, actions, directions, local and remote ports, remote addresses, logs, and services.

  • Complete authorization lists with custom apps:

It is possible to sort items by status or direction (incoming, outgoing, all, custom), use a search feature, display recently blocked programs, and a simplified viewing mode to enable and disable program access. How to add a new app to the list.

  • Rich settings for working with:

Windows Firewall Control has a control panel where you can make additional tweaks. You can integrate the tool into the Explorer context menu, set it to autorun when you start up, disable other programs from adding firewall rules, enable global hotkeys for the control panel, and the Rules Management area that contains color, And export export rules of the frame to access some Windows tools (firewall with extended security, input prompt, event display, resource monitor, Windows registry).

  • End with:

All in all, the application has a just response speed and works smoothly without causing any problems with the operating system. There are fast changes of control. Windows Firewall Control is an excellent utility for better control over Windows Firewall options, especially when it comes to setting up rules for everyone


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